"Drink plenty of water and lots of it"

Here are a few of my paintings, illustrations & doodles

Welcome to my visual arts website zencatfish.com. What is a Zen Catfish I am often asked? He is a mellow dude, who is in the zone !!! And that zone can take him anywhere, anytime, anyplace. The images  in the slide show  are  exemplary of that journey.
There are only a couple of pages on this site right now; the home page and the illustrated book page. More pages and images are coming soon !
Thanks again for stopping by.
Cheers !
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The wonderful and delightful children's book MR. PRICKLE  BEAR, written by Diane King Vann and illustrated by yours truly has just been released. MR. PRICKLE  BEAR is now available for purchase on line as well as in book stores and we have some signings coming up at local bookstores in the next few weeks.  To purchase the book online please visit: www.dianekingvann.com