Lucky by Craig Inglis was released a little over a year ago and has received very favorable reviews and a host of Lucky fans.  In this inspiring tail tale, LUCKY a feisty and adorable terrier is adopted by a man who needs friend.  Lucky is severely injured and loses one of his legs but this doesn't stop him or his human friend from having fun and being the best of friends.  Joy still lives in their hearts !
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MEDITATION MADE EASY  by Lorin Roche is a profound, joyous and alternative approach to meditation benefits and challenges. Rather than offering a typical approach to meditation with serious attitude, practices and stricture, Lorin Roche offers an accessible, heartfelt and truly human approach replete with humorous illustrations.  To learn more about this marvelous book, please click on: . To order the book  click on:  Meditation Made Easy at Amazon.

Illustrated books are a passion of mine and I have been very fortunate to have worked with some very  talented and gifted authors who give me wonderful stories to draw images from. Below are examples of some of these.

"Drink plenty of water and lots of it"

Mr.  Prickle Bear written by Diane King Vann, has been released and the book is a total delight in every way.  In this very  clever and heartfelt story MR. PRICKLE BEAR transforms his grumpy nature through caring for an injured bunny and they become fast and dear friends during the process as well.  
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Whimsy, actually is not a children's book but a brand new British children's television series and game utilizing my characters specifically created for this project. Whimsy is currently in development in the UK by Eden films. The series features the adventures of the faerie WHIMSY along with her animal and faerie friends who live and work together in a majik garden. A splendid time is guaranteed for all !
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